Stand Out from the Crowd: Pick the Right Sales Campaign

If you set up a sales campaign without considering ​all of the options available to you, you may be doomed from the start.

What do business owners forget?

You may have made one of these mistakes when choosing a new sales campaign:

  • ​​​​You forgot to consider ​all of the options
  • ​​​​You underestimated the time cost
  • ​​​You underestimated the skills required
  • ​​​You underestimated the monetary cost
  • ​You didn't ​​think of ​your target client
  • You didn't speak to a subject matter expert

​Why do business owners make these mistakes?

  • Never thought of all the options
  • Limited sales and marketing experience
  • Live in a bubble, not enough outside influence
  • ​​​Thought "my idea is the best" instead of "let me test my idea"​

What can you do when you start your next sales campaign?

Consider all of the options available to you as a business owner. The most common options that I see business owners undervalue are Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, and Youtube. Here is the kicker - these options work great when marketing to other businesses owners. Check out some more options here:


  • ​​​Google Adwords
  • ​​​LinkedIn
  • ​​White Paper
  • ​​​Facebook Ads

Content Marketing

  • ​​Book
  • ​​Ebook
  • ​​White Paper
  • ​​Social Media Posts
  • ​​Savings Calculator
  • ​Videos

​Direct Marketing

  • ​Direct Marketing
  • ​Canvassing
  • ​Email
  • ​LinkedIn
  • ​Trade Show
  • List Element
  • ​Meetup
  • ​Business Networking
  • ​Local Workshop

What options don't work for B2B (business-to-business)?

Do you want to know a secret? They all work! Some methods may work better for your business than others. But fundamentally, they all work.

How do I get started?

Getting started can be challenging, but consider these steps before starting your next sales campaign:

  • ​Evaluate Options
  • ​​Test
  • ​​Validate
  • ​​Improve
  • ​​Rinse and Repeat

​Having trouble getting started?

  • ​​Have clear and concrete goals
  • ​Find someone you trust to bounce ideas off of
  • ​Take business classes
  • ​​​Attend networking events

​Still having sales trouble? Feel free to reach out and contact me. Please ​write out the details of your question so that I may best help you.

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