Give to Get: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Sales Funnels – And How You Can, Too
(by Using Beautiful Web Pages, Email Automation, and Strategic Planning)

Unlock the Secret Keys to a Successful Sales Funnel:

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    INCREASE SALES – build a sales funnel that consistently delivers your dream clients.
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    BOOST YOUR ROI – get a bigger bang for your marketing buck
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    SAVE TIME & MONEY – avoid common sales funnel pitfalls

This is Not Your Average Marketing Funnel Book:

  • We don’t just teach digital marketing – we focus on all the options available to you.
  • No fancy software needed -- start by creating a powerful unique value proposition.
  • We keep it simple – don’t get bogged down by “analysis paralysis” or dreaded “scope creep”.

Top 5 Warning Signs that You Need an Automated Sales Funnel:

  • You Don’t Have Enough Time
  • You Don’t Have Enough Sales
  • You Are Feeling Overwhelmed
  • You Feel Stuck and Don’t Know How to Start

New Added Bonus Materials:

  • 10 Fun Mini-Challenges – quick challenges designed to boost your marketing skills
  • Action Guides – optimize landing pages, email automation, and more
  • Quick Guides – go-to cheat sheets to convert prospects like crazy
  • Guided HD Video Tutorials (available online)
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Nathan Saunders

About the Author:

Nathan Saunders, Founder, and CEO of Xpand, has helped business owners re-imagine their businesses since 2012. While working at a startup, he doubled sales and cut the marketing budget in half in just three months. He has refined and condensed his years of business development experience into an easy-to-use marketing guide.


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