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Create a Killer Sales Funnel in Just 2 Days

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Are you ready to take full advantage of the latest digital marketing tools and techniques? Sign up for this FREE course to learn how to create your own sales funnel without a large time commitment, monetary commitment, or headache. In this easy, practical course, Nathan explains how to quickly and efficiently build your successful sales process.

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About My Startup Experience 1 Lesson

3:07: Startup Experience

Learn what I struggled with when I first started my business and how you can avoid those same issues.

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Critical Terms & Concepts 1 Lesson

4:38: Critical Terms & Concepts

Learn about critical terms and concepts before we jump into the "meat and potatoes" of the course.

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Landing Pages 2 Lessons

4:53: Sales Funnel Process Example

Learn the fundamentals of a sales funnel and how it applies to your business.

8:04: Example Websites

See how these well-known businesses create sales machines by focusing on new client acquisition.

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Hook Content 2 Lessons

6:06: Value Proposition

Learn what hook content is and how to conduct simple market research in order to greatly improve your odds of success.

12:58: Tutorial: Build a Simple Form

Building a well-designed form is a great way for you to qualify your customers. Learn how to build and implement a simple Google Form with Nathan.

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Email Automation 1 Lesson

5:15: Introdution to Email Automation

What is email automation and why do you need it? Learn the basics of email automation and how to implement a basic process into your everyday workflow.

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Marketing Methods 1 Lesson

5:06: Marketing Methods Introduction

Discover the different marketing methods and learn how choosing the right method is key to your business.

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Final Thoughts 1 Lesson

3:49: Final Thoughts

Nathan reviews what you have learned in the course and summarizes the priorities you must have when first starting your business.

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Digital Marketing Services 1 Lesson

5:40: Digital Marketing Services

In this video, Nathan introduces the main products that Xpand offers to help you take your business to the next level.