Nathan Saunders

Give to Get -- How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Sales Funnels

(by Using Beautiful Web Pages, Email Automation, and Strategic Planning)

Unlock the Secret Keys to a Successful Sales Funnel:

INCREASE SALES – build a sales funnel that consistently delivers your dream clients.

BOOST YOUR ROI – get a bigger bang for your marketing buck

SAVE TIME & MONEY – avoid common sales funnel pitfalls

This is Not Your Average Marketing Funnel Book:

  • We don’t just teach digital marketing – we focus on all the options available to you.
  • No fancy software needed -- start by creating a powerful unique value proposition.
  • We keep it simple – don’t get bogged down by “analysis paralysis” or dreaded “scope creep”.

Top 5 Warning Signs that You Need an Automated Sales Funnel:

  • You Don’t Have Enough Time
  • You Don’t Have Enough Sales
  • You Are Feeling Overwhelmed
  • You Feel Stuck and Don’t Know How to Start

New Added Bonus Materials:

  • 10 Fun Mini-Challenges – quick challenges designed to boost your marketing skills
  • Action Guides – optimize landing pages, email automation, and more
  • Quick Guides – go-to cheat sheets to convert prospects like crazy
  • Guided HD Video Tutorials (available online)
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Nathan Saunders

About the Author:

Nathan Saunders, Founder, and CEO of XPand, has helped business owners re-imagine their businesses since 2012. While working at a startup, he doubled sales and cut the marketing budget in half in just three months. He has refined and condensed his years of business development experience into an easy-to-use marketing guide.

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Value Proposition + Marketing Method

You need a strong value proposition and a reliable marketing method to create a successful sales funnel. That’s it. No need to read the rest of this book. However, if you would like to fully understand the mechanics and key elements behind this statement, keep reading.

To develop a strong value proposition, you will need to conduct market research, select your marketing method, and engage with other business owners. To find the right marketing methods for your unique business, your best bet is to speak with a marketing professional. Regardless of how you do it, having a strong value proposition and marketing method will dictate the future of your business.

What is a sales funnel?

Without a well-designed sales funnel, your business will not survive. Plain and simple -- sales funnels are sales processes. Sales funnels are a simple explanation of the steps that a prospect must take to become a customer. Some businesses have one sales funnel. Some businesses have multiple sales funnels. All businesses have at least one sales funnel.

Let’s think of a sales funnel visually. Prospects are added at the top, and as time goes on, some prospects will drop out of the funnel and do other things. The more steps the prospect completes, the closer they are to becoming a customer. Typically digital steps are small commitments such as entering an email address, completing a form, or clicking on a link. Offline, common steps are filling out a form, viewing a demonstration, or scheduling a meeting time. Online and offline steps are now interchangeable and inseparable.

The wider part of the funnel represents the highest number of persons, while clients represent the lowest number of persons. The goal with a sales funnel is to maximize the number of people added to the funnel (your marketing method) as well as the number of new clients (persuasion factors/value proposition).

In this book, we will look at how to create a powerful value
proposition as well as add persuasion factors to re-enforce
your value proposition in order to maximize your sales. The
secrets and hacks outlined in this book will help guide and
orient you as you avoid common pitfalls and navigate towards
greener pastures. You will find a better understanding of sales
and marketing as you move towards continued growth and

The thoughtware outlined in this book will prove invaluable as you develop new marketing campaigns and the mini challenges will allow you to turn the abstract concepts into practical application For best results take action, no matter how small, within the next seven days. As a bonus, share a key concept that you have learned with a friend to better retain the information that you have learned.

To create an ideal sales funnel, identify the most critical questions your prospect needs answered before even considering further investigating your offerings:

1) What’s in it for me?
2) Can you prove it?

You see, oftentimes as business owners, we focus on what we know best: ourselves, our business, and our product or service. Having coached business owners over the years, I have noticed this understandable trend appear and reappear throughout my discussions.

Unfortunately, just because we naturally gravitate towards a topic doesn’t equal a beneficial outcome. Stick to this simple goal – find a simple, reliable, and effective plan for each step your prospect must take to become a customer.

Your prospects are the key to your success.

Assembling a killer sales funnel should be number one on your priority list. But, where do you even start? That’s the question most business owners find themselves asking as they get overwhelmed by long, overly-detailed guides.

Of course, the information you need is out there, but instead of steamrolling you with information, let’s start with what’s most important. What direction are you heading? If you are off-course, let’s make some readjustments to get you back on track. First stop: hyper focus. While your sales funnel will take time and planning to work, it’s not an especially large project. In fact, I’m about to show you how to create your sales funnel in just two days by breaking down concepts into actionable steps.

Plus, this guide will allow you to do it without needing any specific software. You can literally start with whatever you have right now--no matter how little you think that is--and get going in just 48 hours.

Myth: You need fancy software or lots of money to get started.
So, let’s begin!

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