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Marketing AXxelerator Bootcamp

Intense intensive marketing training in the Los Angeles area and beyond.

You want to create a message that converts. You will learn how to use simple templates to create a strong, clear message that converts prospects into paying customers.  Whether you are an entrepreneur with premium services, a B2B services business, or an ecommerce brand, we can help you.

Learn the same strategies and processes that I used to cut the marketing budget in half and doubled sales while working at a startup company.

You have a great business that you are proud of. You have existing customers --

...but you can’t seem to get the hang of consistently getting new  clients.

You need a clear value proposition.

What you don't need

  • You don’t need a tool until…
  • You don’t need tips until…
  • You don’t need a strategy until… you have a clear value proposition

What you have tried

  • You have tried social media
  • You have tried word of mouth
  • You have tried different training programs

Why what you have tried so far doesn't work

  • You aren't tracking the ROI
  • You feel overwhelmed and frustrated
  • You seem stuck and can’t make progress
  • The root problem - you don't have a strong value proposition

What makes XPand different?

Hands-On Doing

Learn by doing, not by listening -- Our course is 30% Instructor Training / 70% Hands-On Training

​Real World Answers

Learn the strategies I used to double sales while working at a startup company -- no fluff, no hype, just the facts jack.

​Get a Plan

Before you leave, you will have a clear marketing action plan and valuable content to use to promote your business

Bruce Kaplan

"I have been able to acquire customers and orders 3x faster."

"Nathan has an uncanny ability to promote any business effectively with a clean and concise plan. His seminars and workshops are top notch. After working with Nathan, I have been able to acquire customers and orders 3x faster. The results speak for themselves."

- Bruce Kaplan CEO, I Love Events

Marketing secrets you can’t find anywhere else:

create powerful marketing messages

get an awesome return on your investment

easily conduct valuable market research

Marketing AXxelerator Bootcamp Includes

Personalized Outreach

Choose the best marketing platform.

Value Proposition

Copy that crushes your competition.

Landing Page Design

Killer pages that convert.

Emails that Sell

Short & sweet content that converts.

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How much are new customers worth to you?

Most clients easily recoup the cost of this event with just one or two new clients.

How much more time and energy will you spend if you miss out on this event?

Important Note & Disclaimer

This course is not a get-rich-quick scheme or “information-only” program. In this interactive bootcamp, you will be asked to practice marketing through various tasks, games, and training. We don’t require you to use specific tools or processes -- instead, we focus on tried-and-true methodologies and strategies to attract your dream clients. Expect to enter a high-energy, pragmatic, and inspiring environment.

Disclaimer: In order to get your desired results, you must have a great product or service, put in the time and energy required, and set proper pricing. Sales figures are for informational purposes only and results may vary. Your results may vary based on reasons including but not limited to your business background, pricing, changes in your market, experience, and other factors. All businesses face risks, but consistent effort and action will help to overcome unforeseen factors. We do not guarantee sales results or an increase in customer acquisition (it’s up to you to put in the work).

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