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​​Nathan Saunders is the founder and CEO of Xpand. ​He ​began his sales, marketing, and business development career beginning in 2012. Having worked for multiple B2B companies throughout his career, Nathan has a passion for helping others reach their full potential. Working for a previous startup company, he helped the company cut it's marketing budget in half and double sales in just three months. His passion for digital marketing led him to start Xpand to help small business owners and entrepreneurs efficiently capture new leads.

Realistic Scaling Tips for B2B Entrepreneurs

Xperience Workshops

​Avoid “shiny object” syndrome
Avoid overextending
Avoid under-extending
Avoid disorganization or confusion
Find peace, clarity, and success

​B2B X Factors - Hidden Factors to Success

​Mindset and Leverage - Boats Example

Positive affirmations

​"Executive Team"
What do you want?
Goal First Mentality

The Offline/Online Convergence

​Adjusting to the Digital Age

​Connecting to Convert

​Develop a great value proposition

Using platforms and mediums to your advantage

​Starting a New Sales Campaign

​Pushing a Boulder Up a Hill

​Consider your options

Talk to marketing experts

How much of a challenge can you handle

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